By clicking on the Property Search link at the top left of this page, you will be taken to a search page. Select one or more of the general property types (all are selected by default); more than one type may be selected by holding the Ctrl key while clicking. Type in the price range or other search option.  The number of listings changes depending on your search criteria.  Click View Results.  From this page, you may also search for upcoming open houses; after the grid comes up, click Details, then the Open House tab.


If you are looking at residential properties, we strongly suggest not making your search too restrictive.  Price range may be the best way to search.  By selecting other search criteria, some homes might be excluded.  However, if you are sure about what you need, then the search criteria is available. Rural properties may be filtered by selecting "No" in the "In City Limits" search field (this also will show suburban properties), and by selecting "Yes" only properties inside a city limits will appear (again, suburban properties which may have mostly city characteristics will not appear).  If you want to include farm homes in your residential search, select Residential, hold the Ctrl key and select Farms, then include a minimum of 1 bedroom; this will eliminate farms without homes.  For Commercial and Multi-Family properties where there are a limited number of listings, we recommend only selecting the classification with no other criteria and then viewing results.


Many of you have consistently logged on to our site to see new and reduced listings. Properties that are new listings or have had price reductions in the past 3 days are marked.  Additional times up to 30 days are available in the Search criteria. 

The easiest way to look at new and reduced listings is to just click either the "New Since" or "Reduced Since" checkbox, wait for the number to update and then click View Results. This will bring up the new or reduced listings in the past 30 days; properties new or reduced within the past 3 days will be marked under the thumbnail photo.  

These searches must be done individually: i.e., search for the new listings, then click Edit Search, unclick the New Since box, then click the Reduced Since checkbox to search for reduced listings.  

You may also type in the exact days you wish to search (up to 30 days).  Note: regardless of the what the default search dates say, the checkbox and View Results will always go back only 30 days.


Most properties are easy to classify.  However, some properties fall between classifications and their final destination in this web site is determined by the site administrator or the listing agent.  These properties might include a house with a mother-in-law apartment (residential or multi-family) or a home on 60 acres (residential or farm).  There are some exceptions, but as a general rule, all vacant land of 40 acres or less (including commercial land) or properties with old homes of little or no value, are included in Vacant Land.  Homes on sites over 40 acres are typically included in farm listings.


We are now on a "real-time" system, and the web site is updated automatically when a new listing, price change, or other informational change is entered into the MLS system.  


Bedroom and bath searches will include both above grade and below grade (basement) rooms.


Property information is felt to be accurate but is not guaranteed; prospective purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information.  


Finally, with so much information manually entered on these pages, there is bound to be the occasional error.  If you find an error, please notify the listing agent or e-mail the site administrator at